FFingerprint unlocking on a Linux laptop

08/07/20201 min read

If you're running Arch Linux on a laptop with a supported finerprint reader, you might like to be able to use your fingerprint to unlock after suspend. At first glance of the Arch Wiki page, it would…

WWhen async/await might not be the answer

20/11/20194 min read

When async/await was introduced to ECMAScript it was generally pretty celebrated. Nearly every engineer I spoke to raved about the feature, how it “finally” made asynchronous operations in JS not…

KKeeping plants alive with AWS IoT & Lambda

27/09/20194 min read

My colleagues and I once faced a recurring problem: we’re terrible at keeping plants alive. But as software developers in an open-plan, plant-plentiful office, something needed to be done, and it…